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Our Services

Video Production is our jam and we love helping clients realize their vision for their projects. Being a full-service video production company means that we offer a wide range of services for our clients, from corporate video to promotional video, we can help bring your story to fruition.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is all about you. We’re creating content that is intended to help strengthen your brand to your audience, help with internal automation (e.g; onboarding new employees) or help with content for trade shows/presentations. There are many ways in which corporate video is utilized.

We love working on corporate video productions with clients because it gives us the opportunity to learn more about how they formed, what their beliefs are or even how great they are to work for.

Corporate video examples:

  • Corporate Video
  • Event Video
  • Training Videos
  • Employee Testimonials
  • Company Short Documentaries
  • Event Highlight Videos
  • And many more.

Promotional Video Production

Promotional video production is focused on selling your products and services to a client. We find ways to create content that is focused on answering a customer’s pain point or questions about the product or service, and convert it into a sale.

This can include making a great commercial with actors to a simple explainer video. Promotional video is a very broad style with potential for any business. With online marketing being an industry standard having promotional video has never been more important, and we’re here to help.

Promotional video examples:

  • Product Video
  • Service Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Commercials
  • Testimonials
  • And many more.

Full Service Video Production


As a full service video production company, we offer our production process as a service in itself. Meaning that we can help you with your project no matter what stage it is at. We understand that sometimes you may only need us for the planning phase or you have footage you need edited, either way we’re here to help.


  • Scriptwriting
  • Shot-planning & Storyboarding
  • Location Scouting
  • Talent Scouting & Casting
  • & More...


  • Directing
  • Filming
  • Sound & Audio Recording
  • & more...


  • Audio Transcribing
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Editing
  • Music Production
  • Colour Correction & Grading
  • & more...

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