Andrew Powell


Andrew Powell is Levo Media’s Project Manager & Producer. His job is to help see your vision realized, and on the timeline you provide.


He holds a BA in Digital Media Studies from Vancouver Island University, and is an avid video enthusiast. Andrew combines his passion of story-telling with his love of project management. Helping create a strong narrative that is consist with the client’s initial idea.


Andrew loves seeing the vision of the project come together through the different phases of production, and finally viewing the finished piece.

How did you first get into the Industry?

I grew up watching Youtube videos (that feels weird to write). Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been really into video production, watching youtube creators throughout high-school I really got an introduction into becoming a creator myself. Besides that I’ve always been into Film & Television.


What is one of your favourite aspects of your job?

It might sound cliche but I really love seeing a final product. Nothing is more satisfying then exporting a video and watching it with everything complete. Besides that I also love Colour Grading, it is becoming my new fascination and I love pushing myself to learn more.


What is something that inspires you?

I find watching some Youtube videos always gets me inspired to get out there and get working. Besides that I really enjoy listening to certain soundtrack’s from film & musical theatre; I can always get inspired from those.