Austin Penner

Audio and Music Producer

Austin Penner is Levo Media’s Audio and Music Producer, and Sound Designer.


He moved to Nanaimo in 2012 from Sherwood Park, AB. He holds a B.A. in Digital Media Studies from Vancouver Island University.


Holding five years of digital music production, sound design, audio editing and recording experience – Austin’s passion is to produce high-end music across various genres and compose professional audio products that compliment videography, or have big impact as stand-alone pieces.

How did you first get into the Industry?

Music has always been something I’ve been deeply passionate about throughout my whole life. Ever since I was a young kid, I was influenced by rock bands and eventually took up playing drums for several years. My attention gradually turned more to hip-hop and electronic music, and I became very interested In learning the production process. Towards the end of high school I purchased Fruity Loops Studio, and when University rolled around I started to take digital production and working with audio to the next level!


What is one of your favourite aspects of your job?

I really love the post-production process of feeling out the vibe of a given video and it’s content, and composing music to match it’s unique feel. Tying in and cleaning up the various audio elements to a visual is gratifying for me, as I enjoy adding the extra dimension and emotion to videos through sound.


What is something that inspires you?

I get inspired by watching video content that has fantastic sound design and music production quality, as it drives me to produce content of the same caliber. Listening to new artists and also the work of my favorite artists is always bound to put me in an inspiring mood and get me ready to hop in to my studio!